School budgets are tighter than ever, so teachers, parents and PTAs are considering a variety of ways to raise funds and cover the financial shortfall.

Silent auctions have rocketed in popularity over the past year, swiftly becoming the new go-to as schools turn to larger gala events to help bring in the cash they so desperately need.

Below, we’ve listed our five top tips to ensure your next school event is a hit.

Most schools love a good raffle, yet many shy away from a silent auction. In our experience, silent auctions can yield up to five times more funds than a traditional raffle. Having said that, we understand sourcing auction items can be a pretty daunting task.

We've put together a list of great auction items you can source yourself, as well as a link to our bespoke auction experiences you can include in your event on a no-risk basis. See more here

  • Be headmaster for a day
  • Prime parking spot at the school
  • Donated items from parents

Simple games like “heads or tails” are a great way of injecting some fun into your evening and raising a decent amount of money. All those who want to participate should pay a nominated amount — say £5 or £10 — to play.

Your host should ask all participants to stand and select either “heads” or “tails” by putting their hands on their heads — or their tails!

The host then flips a coin and announces whether it’s “heads” or “tails.” Participants whose choice matches the coin flip get to stay standing, while everyone else sits down.

Simply rinse and repeat, eliminating more players until only a few are left.

Invite finalists to the stage for the last few coin tosses until only your winner is left standing!

Putting on a glitzy evening can be exciting; a once-a-year opportunity to dress up and enjoy an evening of great food, entertainment and dancing. However, you mustn’t forget you're trying to raise money for the school.

  • Source a local venue for an affordable price or use the school hall
  • Ask parents to help decorate the space, utilising any connections they may have
  • Search for local musicians or perhaps a few talented parents

A great way of generating additional funds is to get local businesses to sponsor your event.

Produce a brochure and include space for advertising, providing your sponsors with vital exposure among your pupils and their families.

We recommend a tiered pricing structure based on advert size — say quarter-page, half-page and full-page adverts. Reaching out to local shops, estate agents and other businesses who target families and parents could create a significant amount of additional income.

To ensure maximum attendance at your event, make sure you advertise well in advance.

Give businesses time to commit to sponsoring your fundraiser, and provide parents with enough notice to make any arrangements such as booking childcare.

Use social media, school newsletters and any other medium at your disposal to spread the word. Make use of your PTA group and school pick-up to rally the troops.

Final Words

We hope you find our school fundraiser guide helpful. Putting on an event of any size can be challenging, especially when you’re arranging it in the small amount of spare time you have.

However, it doesn’t have to be so difficult. These relatively simple steps can help to ensure your event is a smashing success, benefiting your school and its pupils.

If you need any support with your fundraiser or some friendly advice, we'd be delighted to help you — just click the purple Live Chat button to talk to us today.

“Thank you so much for being such a wonderful partner at this event. Your support pre, during and post the night has been absolutely wonderful. Without you organising this aspect of our event, well, it simply would have given me sleepless nights!”

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