We’re a fun and friendly bunch so we asked everyone – “if you were a biscuit, what would you be and why?”

David Nash
David NashFounder

“Garibaldi as they’ve been around forever and like me, in it for the long run!!”

Jonathan Douglas
Jonathan DouglasGroup CEO

“Chocolate Hob Nob. Classy and nuts.”

Glen Nash
Glen NashFounder & Group MD

“Jammy Dodger… Clue’s in the title”

Adam Stanier
Adam StanierFounder & Director

“I’d be a milk chocolate Hobnob, because like me, they’re awesome”

Kamran Tirmizey
Kamran TirmizeyFundraising MD

“A Bourbon Cream because it has a sweet & delicious core that everyone loves!”

Angie Yochum
Angie YochumHead of Events

“I’d be a chocolate Hob Nob. Because it’s sweet but doesn’t crumble easily.”

Louise Cameron
Louise CameronEvents Manager
“A rosemary cracker – goes perfectly with cheese and wine, just like me.”

Molly Neale
Molly NealeEvents Assistant

“I would be a Ginger Nut because they’re ginger, sweet and a little bit spicy.”

Kat Stanley
Kat StanleyGraphic Designer

“A shortbread because what you see is what you get with a sprinkle of glitter.”

Trey Grandemange
Trey GrandemangeJunior Graphic Designer

“A Zoo biscuit – They are colourful and always oddly shaped, just like me”

Penny Paschali
Penny PaschaliSales Director

“A lotus biscuit because I work well with a coffee.”

Rebecca Cooper
Rebecca CooperFundraising Executive

“Chocolate Hobnob; I’m sweet but I don’t break easily.”

Amelia Smith
Amelia SmithFundraising Executive

“I would be a Viennese Whirl, classy but sassy!”

Chris Melnyk
Chris MelnykFundraising Executive

“I’d be a kitkat because once I was thin and snappy, but now I’m chunky.”

Oliver Jepson
Oliver JepsonFundraising Executive

“I would be a party ring as I am the life and soul of the party.”

Josh Bedford
Josh BedfordBusiness Development Director

“A chocolate hobnob – always a winner”

Kirsty Harwood
Kirsty HarwoodBusiness Development Director

“Jammy Dodger tough on the outside but a big heart in the middle.”

Dan Matten
Dan MattenBusiness Development Manager

“A Jammy Dodger, gift of the gab, heart in the right place and I mean…who doesn’t love a Jammy Dodger.”

Zoe Barham
Zoe BarhamClient Liason Manager

“A Lotus biscuit because I work well with a coffee “

Kristine Oksavik
Kristine OksavikClient Liason Manager

“I would be Jammie Dodger, because I am blond with a sweet heart”

Marianna Franzese
Marianna FranzeseClient Success Manager

“Amaretti Biscuits, classically Italian, a little nutty but sweet as marzipan.”

Carla Long
Carla LongFundraising Manager

“A Party Ring …. because i’m the life and soul of every party”

Aukse Paulikaite
Aukse PaulikaiteCustomer Experience Executive

” I would be a fortune cookie because I have a very strong 6th sense.”

Martha O'Brien
Martha O'BrienCustomer Experience Associate

“Caramel Chocolate Digestive because I have a strong, dependable side!”

Poppy Melham
Poppy MelhamCustomer Experience Associate

“Penguin because I’m always cold”

Georgia Miller
Georgia MillerCustomer Experience Associate

“I would be a PINK ice gem because my favourite colour is pink and my initials spell GEM and I am fun!”

Neil MacLaurin
Neil MacLaurin Chairman, Hospitality

“A Jammie Dodger because i’ve been around a long time, have been “lucky” to work in a fun industry”

Peter Steede
Peter SteedeDirector of Lifestyle

“I would be a digestive .. dependable and great with a cuppa.”

Lisa Hayward
Lisa HaywardExecutive Assistant

“A Hobnob,I’m reliable,  tougher than I look, very dependable and I’m a family favourite.”

Michelle Martin
Michelle MartinFinance Manager

“A Hobnob, always enjoy a visit to Wentworth.”

Samantha Hale
Samantha HaleFinance Executive

“A Ginger Nut, strong biscuit with a great tan! “

Eva Gyarmati
Eva GyarmatiFinance Assistant

“Dark Chocolate digestives, the perfect balance of sweetness, saltines and moreish.”

Archie Douglas
Archie DouglasOffice Dog

“Woof Woof!”

Darren Schiele
Darren SchieleManaging Partner

“I was going to say Rich Tea, then I checked my bank.”

Shabana Malik
Shabana MalikRecruitment Director

“I would be a chocolate cookie because I am a tough cookie but sweet!”

Laura Gaunt
Laura GauntRelationship Manager

“Lotus biscoff because I work well with a coffee.”