Giving back is at the core of our brand, the golden thread that runs through our business. This year, we allocated 2 volunteer days to each member of staff to go out and do good in the world.

Last week, Dan Matten, our Business Development Manager joined the Marie Curie team to support them at one of their busiest London shops.

Starting at 9am sharp, I joined the volunteer-led team to sort through the mountain of donations that pile in every single day. As one of the busiest London stores, tens of bags arrive on a daily basis, from well-wishers all over London to help support the store.

The team were lovely and so grateful for having a young man at their disposal, to do some much needed heavy lifting! The store is absolutely inundated with donations, which is absolutely fantastic but takes an awful lot of work to go through. I was more than happy to help the team sort through the backlog and get the stock out on the shop floor to help bring in the money.

It was amazing to see the quality of items being donated, there, of course, are the odd few items that aren't up to scratch, but on the whole a wealth of amazing products (I'd definitely get down there if you want a bargain!).

I spent the majority of my day behind the scenes but feel like I made a real difference. The team were delighted by the help and have even asked me to come back, which I will definitely be doing.

It's great to have been given the chance to make a difference. I can't wait for my next volunteering day!