‘D&G Smiles – giving back where it’s needed most’

At D&G Group, we hold true to our core values, and approach every day with the purpose to give back - not only to the inspiring charities we work with, but to the communities and individuals who need it most.

D&G Smiles encompasses just that – giving back to those less fortunate, those who have fallen on tough times and those who have been dealt with unimaginable challenges and just need a reason to smile again

Making a difference is not always about a financial contribution, and over the years, we have been proud and privileged enough to touch the hearts of so many truly special people by finding creative ways to support, nurture and uplift their lives.

One of the valuable causes we back is Their Future Today - a trust who aims to end the institutionalisation and suffering of vulnerable children disadvantaged through poverty in Sri Lanka. Their aim is simple – to support children, from birth to childhood, across Sri Lanka with the core belief that "No child should live in poverty".

Through Their Future Today, D&G Smiles have pledged our support to cover the annual tuition fees for an incredible young lady. Her story is one that will pull on your heart strings (get the tissues ready!) and we know that with this opportunity she will be able to harness her immense potential and fulfil her dreams.

Yomini Priyabhashini is 17 years old and lives in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka. She is an intelligent and studious young woman with a bright future, studying for her Advance level exam. She not only loves learning but is also an excellent artist and dreams to one day become a journalist.

Her father, Ravindra Jayashantha (47), works as a chef at Citrus Hikkaduwa, while her mother, Subhashini Nayana (44), has stayed home to raise her and her two brothers, Kaveen Eranda (8) & Akash (14). She also has an older sister who lives in Thiranagama.

In 2019, this blessed family was dealt with a life changing card. In February, her mother Subhashini suddenly fell ill. She developed a neurological disease that affected her mobility, inhibiting her everyday movement, as well as losing her memory. She could no longer walk on her own and needed support to get around and complete even the simplest of tasks.

This new circumstance meant that Yomini was faced with the extraordinary responsibility to have to stay home and look after her mother, while her father worked. While a burden no young person should have to bear, she took the task on without hesitation. However, this had a devastating consequence, and she had to stop her schooling.

While now struggling to make ends meet, they found themselves amid a national disaster – known across the world as the deadly Easter Sunday Bombings.  This had a catastrophic effect on her family, and Yomini had no option but to find work in a small restaurant near home to help her father continue to put food on the table. Her hopes of returning to school were ruined.

This is where the Trust stepped in and gave Yomini and her family a reason to smile again! Along with our support, she has been able to pick up her education, and her family’s financial burdens have found relief – her gleaming smile says it all! Although there is a long road ahead of them, her mother’s health continues to improve.

Yomini has since won an interschool novel writing competition, where she entered her novel about her mother’s story and love for her. This promising young student has had her hope and ambitions restored.

Knowing that our contribution allows Yomini to pursue her dreams gives us the aspiration to continue supporting these life-changing causes.

If you’d like to donate or learn more about the work Their Future Today does, please visit their website: Their Future Today